Hey there 👋 I’ve put this collection of resources for you as part of the course. You will find here course material and tools that I mention in the course, plus a little extra.

If you find broken links or phased out applications, please let me know ✌️

Course Material

Design tools


Interface Design

Interface design, prototyping and collaboration tool. Has Windows, Mac and Web app.

My rating: 😍


Interface Design

Interface design tool for Mac.

My rating: 🤘

Adobe XD

Interface Design

Interface design tool for Windows and Mac.

My rating: 💩 (jk, I'm just not an Adobe fan)


Photo Editing

Photo editing tool for Windows and Mac.

Affinity Photo

Photo Editing

Photo editing tool for Windows and Mac.


Figma Assets

Figma Resources

Pre-made Figma assets like wireframe kits, icons and component libraries.

Figma Plugins

Figma Plugin

Third-party plugins that plug right into Figma to speed-up your workflow.

Figma Crush

Figma Resources

Free and paid Figma mockups, templates, UI kits and other assets.

Figma Freebies

Figma Resources

Free Figma mockups, templates and UI kits.

Content Real

Figma Plugin

Content Reel helps you easily pull text strings, avatars and icons into your designs.



Web Design

Responsive web design tool, CMS, and hosting platform.

My rating: ❤️❤️❤️

Webflow Forum


Join it! It's going to be your go-to place for all the Webflow doubts and questions. Very helpful community. ❤️

Webflow University

Webflow Tutorials

If you want more Webflow practice outside of the course, take a look at videos from Webflow. They're really good.

11 Time-saving tips


11 simple pro-tips to speed up your design process in the Webflow Designer.

Library of Webflow Interactions


100+ animations and interactions that you can clone directly into your
own project.


Webflow Assets

Cloneable Webflow assets, templates, guides and videos.

Client Billing

Webflow Feature

Client Billing allows you to bill your clients for hosting right from Webflow, so you can make a little extra on site maintenance services.


Google Fonts

Free Fonts

Great free fonts from Google. Figma has all of them preloaded.

Adobe Fonts (Typekit)

Paid Fonts

Formerly Typekit. Great fonts that come as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription.


Paid Fonts

Here you can buy most of the paid fonts out there.

FontFace Ninja

Font Identifier Extension

A nifty browser extension to identify fonts in use on any website.


Typography Inspiration

Inspirational font combinations free to use in your own designs.

Stock Photos


Free Photos

Free photos that don't look like stock.


Free Photos

Free photos. Very similar to Unsplash.

Moose by Icons8

Sort of Free Photos

Photos are free for personal use, but require attribution or purchase if published online.


Paid Photos

In the paid stock area, one of the best quality photos. A bit on a pricey side.


Paid Photos

More affordable paid stock photography. Not a bad quality.


Paid Photos

Somewhere in between iStock and Bigstock.

Burst by Shopify

Free Photos

This is a free site by Shopify. And photos are pretty good usually. Smaller selection though.

Icons & Illustrations


Sort of Free Icons

One of the largest databases of sort of free icons. Requires attribution on a free plan.

Material Icons by Google

Free for Commercial Use

These icons are open source and completely free for any type of use.


Free for Commercial Use

The icons here are free for commercial use and don't require attribution.


Icon Organizer

A tool to collect, customize and organize icons. Offers a library of paid icons.

Streamline Icons

Paid Icons

Search, download or copy 30,000 vector icons with the included App.


Paid Icons

A friendly and versatile icon family with thousands of icons in four distinct styles.


Free & Paid Illustrations

Free vector illustrations
to class up your project.


Paid Illustrations

Unique illustrations for a website & applications.


Free Illustrations

Illustrations in the same style to easily fit the project. Download the SVG file and customize it in Figma.


Free Illustrations

Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library.



Design Inspiration

Instagram but instead of food it's design work. 😛 The best place to follow designers and discover latest trends.


Design Inspiration

Similar to Dribbble.

Lapa Ninja

Website Inspiration

Live website inspiration. Unlike Dribbble here you can explore finished websites, not just mockups or concepts.


Website Inspiration

Same as Lapa Ninja.



Needs no explanation. Inspiration for anything, including design work.


Typography Inspiration

Inspirational font combinations free to use in your own designs.



Color Palette Generator

Quickly generate random color schemes.

Color Wheel

Color Harmony

Color wheel to apply color harmony rules.


Eyedropper Extension

A browser extension to identify colors anywhere on a website.



Time Tracking

Free time tracking desktop app. It's the one I've been using for years.

My rating: 🤘


Freelancing Tools

All-in-one freelancing solution. Invoicing, proposals, contracts, time tracking, payments and more.


Freelancing Tools

Similar to Bonsai. Invoicing, proposals, contracts, time tracking, payments and more.



Not really related to web design, but I have a love affair with Notion at the moment so here it is. This baby is Google Docs + Evernote + Trello + some magic dust.

My rating: ❤️❤️❤️